So...Why Shop With Us? BECAUSE...

So...Why Shop With Us? BECAUSE...

So WHY shop with us @ Because:

 * Our products are uniquely wonderful and tastefully ethical. You won't find these products anywhere else!

* We buy from over forty women, family, co-op, and community suppliers in over twenty countries - from human beings we have actual relationships with - and we bring you their pictures and stories on every single product page of our store!

* We have special collections that donate to humanitarian and social causes with every sale, and we're adding in new limited time products and collections all the time.

* You care where your money works, and we pay our artisan suppliers fairly.

* Our products are warehoused in the USA!... that means continental USA orders will BE DELIVERED in only 2 to 5 days; Rest of the world in just 7 to 15!

* Because we give a damn about others and try our hardest to help this world and everyone in it. We've been an ethical retailer all along... since 2017!

* Because I'm a real person, a single mom of three, and I not only founded, buy for, and run this company - I also oversee all customer relations and support issues myself . I thank you for your support! Feel free to contact me through the Messenger box on our homepage, by email, or give me a call the old fashioned way! 

                                                         Linda Kay Gifford, founder/owner
Customer Service: (217) 801-1089    

And do THIS, Please...                                                       

1) Like us on social media and download our new Feel Good Fair Trade social and shopping app to quickly navigate our store, Facebook, and Instagram pages!
2) Follow page to stay updated on our fair trade artisan suppliers and get in on our special promotions and giveaways!
3) And buy everything possible for yourself and everyone else you love or like or even just have to get a gift for from us @ from now on. Is that asking too much? I didn't think so, Lol!
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