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Wooden Essential Oil Diffuser

Plantish's reusable cotton buds with travel case are great for anything you'd use a throw away cotton-tipped swab for! Did you know that 1.5 million disposable swabs are produced every day!? Let's say that again together...ONE POINT FIVE MILLION SWABS A DAY TO END UP IN THE ENVIRONMENT!!! All of these swabs require abundant resources to produce, ship, and package, all to be thrown out after one use! Sigh. Don't do that...  Buy this instead!

  • Clean ear canal
  • Remove mascara and eye makeup
  • Clean electronics or jewelry
  • All the other stuff you do with a cotton swab!


  • 2 double-headed buds
  • 1 magnetic travelling case
  • kraft paper packaging


  • multi-purpose
  • eco-friendly: Made from 100% bamboo and silicone
  • easy to clean: The soft silicone material, combined with gentle warm water, easily and thouroughly removes dirt!
  • travel-friendly: It's small, light, and portable; ready to bring with you on any trip!


  1. make sure both tips are securely in place
  2. use cotton buds for your desired purpose
  3. clean with warm soapy water after each use

Important Safety FAQ:

  • The silicone ends are NOT removable and won't come off the stick!